About Us

The smart AI driven automated hiring platform delivers the best talent with minimal effort.


Hirefox is revolutionizing the way companies acquire, employ and train their most valuable resources. Our smart AI driven system empowers all types of enterprises to reduce their talent waste. The all-in-one automated-platform aims at increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the hiring process. It helps recruiters to find the right talent, manage greater volumes of candidates, increases recruiting output and measure pre-hire performance. On the other side, candidates need not to shuffle between various job boards. They are able to identify the right opportunities aggregated for them at one place. Our system helps organizations to showcase their values, culture, hiring process and opportunities which help a candidate to make a well informed decision. We aim to provide the much needed balance in the Hiring Process by giving the recruiter and candidate a fair chance to crack the market requirement in the simplest possible manner. We are constrained to advance the whole hiring process by OnDemand video as a transformative innovation.

Our Mission

At HireFox, we are revolutionizing the process of recruitment for the organizations as well as job seekers, by bringing smart technological solutions into play. In today’s fast paced environment, which is driven by evolving technology and innovative solutions, we want to deliver a superior experience to our users. We are focused on bringing a change in the current recruitment scenario by automating the process and bringing out results which are cost effective, saves time and more transparent for both hiring managers and job seekers.

Our Vision

We want to transform the hiring experience - from hiring managers to job seekers. We are challenging the ways of traditional hiring process by replacing human efforts with a smart AI driven solution. With our leadership, expertise and knowledge we will always strive to provide excellent support and competitive advantage to our customers.